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bring about a new energy frontier for the united states of america and that we would be partners with the rest of our agencies in bringing about a solution for the realities of climate change in which we face. in the last nine months, our team has worked closely with members of the white house and with congress as we move forward with that agenda. you will hear much more about this. i see our department as being the energy suppliers for the united states of america. we produce about 30% of the natural gas in the united states. we produced about 40% of the coal that we use here in america. . . ls which this department has had responsibility for overseeing its production from the public lands we also have opened up a new chapter for america in the department of interior. and that's our efforts to send up renewable energy and really to engage in the energy revolution that we see spreading across the united states of america. and so the efforts you'll hear about today are about how we are capturing the wind from the high plains and from the deserts in arizona and we are capturing the
of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. . -- the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the gentlelady from arizona rise? >> i ask permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. kirkpatrick: mr. speaker, on november 5, a university held their symposium dedicated to issues on homeland security on its prescott, arizona, campus. unfortunately, the house held votes that day and i could not attend, but i heard it was a fantastic event. this year's theme was challenges for homeland security in the 21st century, and panelists from the f.b.i., the c.i.a. and t.s.a., the arizona department of public safety, and from the worlds of academia, among other places. topics covered a wide range of issues such as sipersecurity, public-private partnerships -- cybersecurity, public-private partnerships and coordination between local and federal law enforcement. i congratulate the faculty at the camp
together this time with the united states and with binding obligations in some form on china and other large emerging economies and it's significant because the scientific community globally has ratcheted up their sense of alarm and you are general they we really don't have too many years to begin are reducing the global warming pollution that is driving the earth's ecological system toward catastrophe. >> rose: stay with that. they say ten years. the window they say is ten years essentially? >> yeah, and they said that three years ago. >> rose: and cat trophy means what? >> there's certain elements in the earth's ecological system that could be pushed beyond a kind of tipping point the phrase is controversial. but if the greenland ice pack, for example, was induced to melt so rapidly that it could not be stopped that would lead to catastrophic sea level rise, similarly in west antarctica. either would produce a six to seven meter increase. the size of the continental united states, it's been there for three million years, a key element in the earth's ability to cool itself, if it disa
, opening up new opportunities for u.s. workers here in the united states of america which is exactly what is being said to president obama as he meets in korea at this moment with their leadership. with president lee and others. so i think that we need to have our attention in this congress focused on the priorities -- the priorities the american people have. fire fighting is very, very important. but again this measure will pass if not unanimously narrowly unanimously and it will do so and i hope get the resources to ensure that we never have the loss of life like those of captain hall and others. but i know from having spoken to their families, mr. speaker, that they believe that the absolutely essential for us to encourage private sector job creation and economic growth and that's why i'm talking about this priority that needs to be addressed here. now, mr. speaker, i'm going to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question as we move ahead. why? because the issue of reading legislation is another very, very important one that is before us. there is a bipartisan proposal launched
and civilians of the united states army at fort hood, texas, were attacked by the least likely of assailants. it was, in short, an act of treason. i want to first thank my colleague and good friend, representative john carter of texas, who represents fort hood in his district, for introducing this legislation to give all members of congress the opportunity to stand here today and support of the brave men and women at fort hood and their families in such a time of trial. fort hood lies just north of my district, north of austin. it's in central texas, many of us all across this nation have constituents who have gone through fort hood to train for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. . i have had many constituents who trained at fort hood. yesterday was a drark chapter. in the aftermath we learned that 13 of our finest americans were killed and several dozen more were wounded. this senseless act of horror betrayed our -- betrays our respect and deepest sempthi for life. our thoughts and prayers are with each of the families affected by this tragedy. during this tragedy, there were reports of many
in congress. i believe in the united states. don't get me started on that. but i believe you have power that others of us don't and that's why we elect you to this office. as a constituent with six grandchildren, i'm asking you to please help the youth of our day now and the future football players of tomorrow to stay safe. call it an osha deal, call it anything you want. but they go from being our youth in america to our employees. and we have, i believe, as americans, an obligation to make this a safer sport. >> i appreciate that. the last comment, mr. chairman, as i mentioned, you're not the only person, grant you, i have 7.5 and four kids and i think it's the parents role at the very early age to take care of the safety of their children. i certainly don't think the federal government has a role in intervene in that. but congress may have a role in making sure that there may be some funds for research and development. but getting involved in the every day operation of an nfl football team, congress is not qualified to do that. maybe we should do -- stick to what we know best. with t
the president there will want to know china's latest thoughts on containing with the united states the united states nuclear program. bret: major, that is not all that is on the president's schedule in coming hours, right? >> that's correct. i will sit down on behalf of the fox news channel with an interview with president obama and some other correspondents here will do the same. we will cover a lot of issues, iran, north korea, trade in this region, climate change, jobs and healthcare back home. we're going to try to hit all the bases in a slightly different respect. bret: it should be interesting. majoring thank you. you can see that interview "special or the" six p.m. eastern tomorrow. let's look at the debt relationship now between the u.s. and china. how did we get in such a hole and is it going to get biger? here is correspondent wendell goler. >> it's the elephant in the room that aides say the two leaders didn't talk about, china's huge holding of u.s. treasury bonds. >> the $800 billion never came up in conversation, and the president dealt with every issue on his agenda in a very d
had a choice, go back to boss the kneia, or end up in the united states. they went to chicago. >> that's when i finally felt like you can enjoy life now, we've made it. you can relax now. you know, it's yours, so, you know, i always, like, wanted to have a house i could have friends over and stuff, and every day, like, since we had the house, i always have people over, there's not like one day where my mom is not cooking for everyone. but in bosnia, it's just like that. you always have family over, friends over, you're grilling. >> reporter: and from there, life was good. boggio starred in soccer, and now he's getting plenty of playing time for the fire. >> i can't really describe like how you feel, like -- because you, like, you remember, when you go back, it all comes back to you like everything happened yesterday, and its just like, you know, it's -- you try to make it happy where you get to see your family again, but as soon as like that goes away, like, wow, like i left all of this behind. what if i didn't have this sort of future? >> reporter: and so you can understand when the
. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the -- the yeas are 233. the speaker pro tempore: the resolution is adopted. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the speaker: the house -- the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk will read. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, madam. i have the honor to transmate here with a copy of a letter received from kathy mitchell, head of the elections commission of the california elections offer, and according to the returns of the special election on november 3, 2009, john garamendi was elected to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? one moment, please. clerk will resume. the clerk will resume. the clerk: indicating t
and the democratic and republican party. we need to start operating like the united states instead of everybody trying to get what their states need. i am from oregon. we get a free ride on this. i do not want anything off of my countrymen's back. i do not need it. host: think you for your participation. up next, we will share from the agricultural secretary, tom vilsack about food security in the united states. we will be right back. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> this weekend the u.s. financial crisis. nomi prins will be on. sunday afternoon, three new books about sarah palin, including a book signing. scott conroy on sarah from alaska. >> american icon, three nights of c-span original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government. beginning thursday night at 8:00 eastern, the supreme court, home to america's highest court, reveals the building in exquisite detail. saturday at 8:00 eastern, the capital. famerican icon, three memorable nights. this day, friday, and saturday at
measure before the united states senate in which no member on this side of the aisle has been consulted in any way -- i would point out to my colleagues historically there has never been a major reform implemented by the congress of the united states unless it's by a -- unless it's bipartisan in nature and i don't believe that the american people want this 2,000-and-some-page monstrosity, which is full of -- which is full of all kinds of provisions that they are either unaware of or even in the study of this legislation many of us have also become unaware of. but fundamentally the bernie madoff accounting, the enron accounting that's been going on with this bill is dependent on envisioning a half a traldz in cuts -- half a trillion dollars in cuts are not attainable. if they are attainable, it would mean a curtailment or reduction in what we promised the senior citizens of this country. it's not acceptable. so what this -- what this -- this motion to commit does, it sends it back to the finance committee. come back with another bill. only this time don't put the cost of it on the backs
in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done more effectively in the united states. >> jim agrees and hopes other manufacturers will follow his lead. >> i think people are afraid to make the commitment to lean, to automation, to reinvesting in the factories, because they have this stigma in their mind. they have this belief that you can't make it effectively and profitably in america. it is not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely and it can be done. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> being confined to wheelchairs is not stopping some people who have found a way to get their competitive juices flowing. we are going to introduce you to a game that made it's mark overseas but it is now catching on in the u.s. >>> tiger woods is not talking about his one-car accident. hear what investigators heard when they went to his house to get answers. >> get out of my face. what are you doing? >> cindy sheehan had an explosive exchange with a man who s
assaulting a child. >>> somali pirates have hijacked a tanker on its way to the united states. a european union spokesperson says the ship was taken about 800 miles from somalia yesterday. it has 28 crew members, none of them from the united states. somali pirates have taken dozens of ships, but this may be only the second attack of an oil tanker. >>> tiger wood sincere talking about a car accident over the weekend, but he's not talking to police about it. rafer weigel has more about that. >> tiger and his wife erks elin, turned away from cops. under florida law, he technically does not have to talk to police. his attorney says, quote, it's a private matter. the accident happened early friday when woods ran his suv over a fire hydrant and crashed into a tree. he did release this statement on his website yesterday which reads, in part, although i understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. the only person responsible for the accident is me. that's a curious statement, robin. a tabloid
early. in the united states, the american cancer society says that death rates for breast cancer when have been declining due to early detection, but it also says that in addition to risks, there are false alarms. for women who began at age 40, there were 400 false alarms for every thousand women screened. to fight that, beat bodies say that the benefits outweigh the harms. >> when getting a mammogram is one of more stressful experiences. but women in their 40's now have the added anxiety to figure out if they should even be getting them at all. the preventive services task force, made out of doctors and scientists, say that women under 50 possibly be to be posted every few years, and doctors should stop teaching women to do self examination altogether. that is a hard pill to swallow for survivors, a diagnosed at an early age. some argue that the guidelines are reckless and instead of saving lives, the government is trying to save the bottom line. >> many of us are concerned that it is a money saving issue and the motivation is about saving costs as opposed to lives. i think we should
. and the official betting parlor for the obermeyer and the rehnquist was the chief justice of the united states. and it was -- that was it. on the afternoon before the election, he predicted and changed his long hand bet that george w. bush would both out gore by an elect form margin of 320-218. he earlier in the day picked 305-320, much closer. his long hand betting card, then 10 days after the bet, he sent me a letter on supreme court stationery, one of the few formal letters i ever received, asking to be excused from a $1 bet, because, and i'm going to quote, it is remotely possible that the florida election case might come to our court. i will point out to you that the long hand betting card with the corrections and the letter are reproduced in my book. i think one of the more interesting parts of it. i also explained why he believed that he and his colleagues acted couragely and patriotically when they decided twice to get involved in the bush-gore disputed elections. he knew that taking on the case would be a thankless assignment, regardless of which candidate won, the justices would be v
. at the conclusion of this soundbite, you will hear for the first time the president of the united states warning of a double-dip recession in the united states. listen. >> there may be some tax provisions that can encourage businesses to hire sooner rather than sitting on the sidelines so we're taking a look at those. i think it is important, though, to recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession. brian: i think it also shows his impatience with the fact that the hiring is not coming back as quick. the unemployment number is higher than anyone projected. and on top of that he's saying, look, i see the polls, i see what happened two weeks ago. america is concerned about our national credit card. member deficits don't matter. clearly it does matter. gretchen: in both virginia and new jersey both of those states went to republican governors. the number one concern from voters at the exit polls was the economy by a huge margin so a lo
for the you u.s.? >> the united states does not seek to contain china nor does a deeper relationship with china mean a weakening of our bilateral alliances. the rise of a strong and pros puss china can be a -- prosperious china can be a source for both nations. brian: here to expand on that, gordon chang, author of "the coming collapse of china." gordon, why would friendliness be interpreted as softness? >> they just see it as a sign of weakness. in february secretary clinton said human rights was not an essential part of the dialogue between the united states and china. and then the chinese have become less cooperative on iran, north korea, climate change, you name it. maivelgt, the chinese felt so bold after that statement that just one month later they sent their ships to harass urs in international -- ours in the international waters. there's a direct link between human rights and the security of united states. brian: in 2002 president bush goes to china. at which time he talked about religious freedom, you need the chance -- he was able to talk live on national television to the
will be devastating to the middle class of the united states and make everyone poorer for it because sooner or later you're going to run out of fish. >> thanks to egberto and garrett for those i-reports. head to to weigh in. click the upload now link and you'll have easy instructions there. >>> the army says it needs help from troops and civilians as they investigate the mass shootings at ft. hood. investigators say they're looking for help from anyone who may have left the scene with evidence, specifically if they have vehicles that may have gunshot damage or clothing with gunshot residue on it. 42 people were injured in that shooting at the army post in texas on thursday. an army official says 17 of them and the suspected gunman are still hospitalized. >> all evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone in the actual shootings at the readiness center on 5 november. we have seen no evidence whatsoever to date of any friendly fire occurrences during the gunfight between ft. hood law enforcement and the alleged suspect. >> major nidal malik hasan is not on a ventilat
around the world. they found the united states came in 19th. but other countries that have much lower exposes have universal -- lower costs and have universal coverage -- for example, france and japan -- are ranked one and two. with much lower cost and universal coverage, they're getting better results. and some don't even want to debate going to health care? i mean, they're going to have a tall order to explain why they don't even want to discuss it. on infant mortality, the united states ranked 22nd. again, according to the commonwealth fund. again, countries that have universal coverage, much lower costs than we do, ranked number one, japan. france was number five. germany was number nine. and from my earlier chart, you will remember each of those countries has universal coverage and much lower costs than we do, and yet they are getting on these metrics better outcomes than we are. and it doesn't stop there. here's life expectancy. the united states ranked 24th. this is according to the oecd, the international scorekeeper. and again, japan, switzerland, france, universal coverage,
, there you see it to the president of the united states with the secret service is now saying. @ >> julie: time for top of the news, russian authorities are blaming a homemade bomb for derailing an express train last night. the result killing dozens of people. a nationwide search is now underway for a florida shooting suspect, she accused of killing four members on thanksgiving. on sunday they will release 911 tapes from tiger woods' suv crash. they plan to speak to woods about the wreck. >> gregg: secret service is formally apologizing to stop two party crashers at a white house state dinner. just how bad is the security breach? take a look at this. this is the picture at the white house. it insists these are uninvited guests shaking hands with the president. prime minister of india looking on. >>> to get into a state dinner, you are supposed to have your social security number, date of birth, name all before the dinner starts. reality show hope flsz got a whole lot of hutzpah. now, they are releasing this in the blue room getting a photo with the president right next to the prime minist
in the united states. there is the platform the presidential seal will be placed their shortly. the fbi and army and texas rangers continue to gather information on the attack. nidal malik hasan allegedly opened fire with two handgunsri deployment overseas. how will victims are honored today? >> reporter: we'll hear a roll call for victims and president barack obama in his remarks today will honor each victim individually and other speakers today include lieutenant general cone and also general george casey. they'll be speaking. part of this memorial service today if we look inside you can see where the stage is set up. there's a large american flag draped in front of the building. people had been coming in. security is very tight, chuck. they have erected these storage containers around the perimeter of the field so that they can check every person coming in and they describe the security as like when you go through an airport screener. that certainly is at a premium right now even though this is a military installation because the president is here and other top officials are here. they want t
in the united states. americans led the way last year with 83,000 adoptions. about 13,000 of those children were born elsewhere. there's also some surprising news as we observe national adoption day today. american children, mainly those in foster care, are being adopted by people in other countries. the state department reports 71 cases since april of 2008. those children went to homes in canada, western europe, and australia, places with limited adoption opportunities. >>> some overweight college students in pennsylvania are being told to shape up if they want to graduate. lincoln university near philadelphia requires all students with a body mass index of 30 or higher to take a fitness course. the requirement kicked in four years ago and that class is now in its senior year. the historically black university says it's concerned about the health of its students and points out obesity and diabetes are problems in the african-american community. >> god forbid they're wheeled down on a gurney or stretcher. no one told knme this would happen. >> some students say it's unfair larger students are be
people in the united states. americans led the way last year with 83,000 adoptions. and about 13,000 of those children were born elsewhere. there's also some surprising news as we observe national adoption day today. american children mainly those in foster care are being adopted by people in other countries. the state department reports 71 cases since april of 2008. those children went to homes in canada, western europe and australia, places with limited adoption opportunities. >>> some homeowners have lost treasured possessions while trying to sell a home. but clark howard tells you tow who protect your valuables. >> okay what's old is new again and this is one that was an oldie but baddie. "the washington post" is reporting that as people are putting their homes for sale, many times without an agent now trying to save their commission, when they hold "open house"s, they're getting robbed bloind. there are criminal rings that come in and while one better than is disstrakting you or your real estate agent asking about features of the home. the other person is rummaging through y
. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and that sort of thing. which obviously is of interest to the united states. we will see how that all plays out. alisyn. alisyn: mike, what about iran? did that issue come up? any progress there. >> it did come up. and president obama was pretty firm in saying that if iran continued to thumb its nose at the world community in terms of its nuclear weapons programs, that there would be consequences but president hu was noncommittal about that. and that has to be troubling to the united states. president hu obviously has incredible influence over
that we funded in over $120 affiliates in the united states alone. people who would never had have the opportunity to have care. or screening. you know, we spent over 2.2 trillion every year on health care in the united states. surely we can cover 23 million women. it's a tiny fraction of $2.2 trillion. i'd also like to say that any insurance company that is thinking right now that this report should be used as a way to reduce coverage will be watching very carefully. we'll be watching. so access, clarity, and public trust are critical. but so to is perhaps the center piece of what it is we are having the most trouble with. that's technology. in a strange way, all of the dust up from the past week actually may do some good. maybe it's a call. finally. we know mammography works. but we also know it's imperfect. we do need better screening technology. this technology that we're using today, though it's been improved and regenerated is still almost 50 years ago. what other business or field that we know in the united states around the world would use 50-year-old technology. this is a
the country could shrink to four time zones, how many the united states has. but russia is 5,500 miles wide, about twice the size of the united states. supporters say it will make disabout the regions feel closer to moscow. >> until the sunsets at 5:00 for you. >>> still breezy for new england. this weather is brought to you by green giant. what's going on across the region? yesterday, a lot of rain. this is how much we've seen. not just 24 hours. it start start ad few days ago. that's a tremendous amount of rainfall. it's all because of the wind straight off the atlantic through virginia and maryland and delaware, jersey, all the the way down to north carolina, too. that low is still in place. it's not moved very far. not as strong today. only 40 miles per hour gusts around the coastline. pab more. yesterday hurricane strength winds. here's what it looks like in new york. you get rain showers coming in. coastal flood warnings are there. p 34 miles per hour sustained winds all along the jersey shore. it breaks up in baltimore, washington, i-95. not as heavy as yesterday but you still get th
that we have more consumers making more intelligent choices on health care in the united states. when was the last time you went into your doctor's office and actually got a written estimate or knew how much something was going to cost? i happen to have practiced veterinary medicine for many years. you walk into my practice, you get a written estimate. we actually have you sign that written estimate because we've got to give that. that's part of our general practice. we need to bring that into human medicine, whether it's hospitals or dors practices -- or doctors' practices. we need to have transparency for cost and quality. now, how does this bill drive up premiums for americans? first of all, there are nine new taxes, nine new taxes put in by the democrat majority. there is a 40% insurance plan tax -- insurance plan tax for what are called the cadillac plans. there is another tax on insurance -- on your insurance companies. there is an employer tax, a drug tax, a lab tax, a medical device tax, failure to buy insurance tax, a cosmetic surgery tax -- brand-new in this bill -- and also
to the united states. he's accuse of running over his daughter withes i h car because he didn't think she was living according to traditional values. almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> what kind of business gets 800% of a mark-up on things it's reselling? a military contractor in iraq does. and as brian todd reports, if someone's being ripped off your money is paying for it. >> reporter: $196.50 for a box of washers that's supposed to cost $1.22. $237 for a vehicle side mirror that you and i should pay less than $15 for. that's how much the inspector-general for iraq's reconstruction says american taxpayers have been overbilled by a contractor that supplies vehicle parts for the iraqi army. >> we are going to work with the army material command, the army contracting command to make sure the money is recouped and that taxpayer interests are cared for. >> reporter: he deals with a company called aecom which provides equipment and logistics reports. four invoices were reviewed a tiny fraction of the total, and the company could have overbilled $4
that this is not an open- ended commitment by the united states. jon: and he has concerns about president karzai? >> the newly reelected president of afghanistan, yes, the president wants to know that karzai is ready to take over security for his country and root of corruption, even if it is in his own government. he wants evidence that things will improve. and this falls reports that the u.s. ambassador -- follows reports that the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan sent cables to washington and voicing concerns about sending more troops before the afghan government cleans up its act. jon: when do we expect an announcement? >> this decision about troop levels, right. not while he is overseas in asia. he is due back in washington november 19, one week before thanksgiving. he may make an announcement. we are not sure. but we know it may not be -- will not be well he is in asia -- will not be while he is in asia. jane: the flu vaccine is still difficult to get, and the death toll is higher than initially estimated. also, harris is watching the pictures out of boston. at least three are hurt after scaff
of the house we are just two steps away from achieving health insurance reform in the america. now the united states senate must follow suit and pass its version of the legislation. i am absolutely confident it will and i look forward to signing comprehensive health insurance reform into law by the end of the year." now, a senior aide says that the president did watch the vote as it happened in the house there from camp david. president obama set to return to the white house from camp david for the afternoon. >> the bill now moves on to the senate where it must also pass if it is to become law. as in the house, senate democrats are having a hard time winning over republican support for the bill. if the senate passes a bill, the senate version must be reconciled with the house bill that passed last night before it can be signed into law. >>> it's going to be a tough day tomorrow for commuters in philadelphia. talks aimed at ending a transit strike broke done last night. bus drivers and subway and trolley operators just walked off the job last tuesday p. the union is demanding an audit to make
of the bill. the clerk: senate 1599, an act to amend title 36 united states code to include in the federal charter of the reserve officers association leadership positions newly added in the constitution and bylaws. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 423, the nays vote the yeas are 423, the nays are -- the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 425, the nays are zero. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative, the rules are suspended, the bill is passed and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the house will be in order. members, please take their conversati
governor's race up in pennsylvania next year. they have a huge united states senate race with arlen specter fighting for his life. and we lost about, i think six congressional districts in the last two elections in pennsylvania. and we have got solid candidates in a lot of those who are going to be running. pennsylvania could be one of the big swing states back in 2010. and he is going up there right now to try to put a fire hose on the fire. greta: so you don't think this is necessarily about jobs but more about star power and try to make sure that he can keep that state in the democratic category? >> absolutely. he is going to go to key states. allen town is an area where the congressman there is a republican. they think it's one of their pick up chances to run against charlie in allen town. neighboring district is dave carney who voted for the health care bill in a very rural, republican district. going to try to shore up the southern part of his district. on the other side of allen town is a democrat, he is in a republican district. i mean this was strategically located to help guys run
as a political refugee with my single mother and grandmother. when i came here to the united states, i didn't have any money at all. we didn't have any money, and i didn't know any word of english. we have definitely a positive, positive community who is willing to work, who is willing to succeed, to keep on going, to move on. and i'm the example of that community. i reflect that community who come here to struggle and work hard for a dream. >> in the spirit of the proverbial "actions speak louder than words," many hispanic grass roots organizations and corporations are doing their part. they are empowering students and developing real solutions and opportunities that span the education-to-career track. >> if that applies to you, if you agree with that quality... >> since its founding in 1993, the hispanic college fund, backed by community stakeholders and major corporations, has supported the education of more than 4,000 financially disadvantaged hispanic youth and awarded over $9 million in grants and scholarships. >> we want to be able to reward and award scholarships to our latino youth
challenge and developing nations of the asian pacific. to meet these common challenges, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> president obama met with the japanese emperor. in singapore, he's expected to talk to russia's president about replacing the nuclear agreement which is expiring next month. >>> increased fighting in afghanistan is hurting morale among u.s. soldiers there. in contrast, two battlefield surveys found morale is up among soldiers in iraq because combat there is decreasing. the surveys indicate suicide have jumped across the board. the army says it is working to get more mental health workers to help soldiers cope with the depression. president obama plans to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> police arrested a sixth member of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing kids for years. derek mohler was found in florida where he lives. his brother and and others were arrested tuesday. six alleged victims who are now adults told investigators the suspects sexually abused them when they were ch
the country. they found the united states came in 19th but other countries that have much lower costs and have universal coverage, for example france and japan are ranked one in two with much lower costs and universal coverage they are getting better results. and some don't even want to debate going to healthcare? i mean, they are going to have a tall order to explain why they don't even want to discuss it. on infant mortality the united states ranked 22nd again according to the commonwealth fund. again, countries with universal coverage, much lower cost than we do ranked number one. france was number five, germany was number nine and from my earlier chart he will remember each of those countries has universal coverage, and much lower cost than we do and did they are getting on these metrics better outcomes than we are. and it doesn't stop there. here's life expectancy. the united states ranked 24th. this is according to the international keeper. and again, japan, switzerland, france, universal coverage much lower cost, still ranked much higher than we did on that metric. japan, universal cove
, that they are swearing to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. and obey the orders of the president of the united states and the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the uniform code of military justice. i think that's pretty clear. >> we had a question in the back over here. >> general, with u.s. news and world report. >> i was going over here. >> i would like to get a question from a nonmember of the press, from one of the audience members. >> jody west of cyberrisk. general, we have alcatel, lucent, eads, a number of the european defense contractors over here. with national security agreements actively competing for our procurement dollars. we are increasingly, though, fighting with allied forces in different venues around the world. yet we're the only country with the exception of u.k., a little bit, that really has network centric warfare. what are we doing or can we do or should we do to try to get more procurements overseas to help build up their network centric capabilities so we don't have to do all the war fighting? >> first of all, if i could with
the united states currency because we are flooding the world with dollars and there's a decreasing willingness on the part of the world to own our debt. the fact is the government acquires money in three ways. they tax it directly or they borrow it with a decline in world willingness to do so, they end up printing it. if they printed up they tax indirectly by deflating or inflating the currency, deflating the purchasing power and it comes back. now most every case, the cost of current mismanaged fiscal policy falls on the future generation. >> thank you for your testimony. i yield back my time. >> i yield to the gentleman who at one point share this committee for six years. >> you know, the president has said and his administration has said they created 640,329 jobs. that's pretty specific. you'd think they'd be able to account for those jobs since they are so specific down to the actual job. 329? how do you account for that? >> well, i think the number that's presented -- the >> do you think they can really be that accurate? >> is the number actually 640,329? no. absolutely not. t
tried to fly to the united kingdom, but was denied entrance and returned to the united states. almaleki is accused of running over his daughter with his car because he didn't think she was living her life according to the traditional iraqi values. noor almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> the suspect in a deadly iraq bombing managed to kill someone during a police interrogation. iraq's interior of ministry says he grabbed a gun from a guard and shot an investigator. the investigator wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect. both died from their injuries. the suspect also looted the guard he took the gun from. investigators were questioning him in last sunday's bombing in baghdad that killed at least 160 people. that was iraq's deadliest bombing since 2007. >>> the bids are really stacking up for a motorized recliner a man drove while drunk. >> and then about five minutes later, they called me, $20,000! i'm like, are you kidding me?! >> and with just a couple days left in the auction, the price is going up. xxxxxxxxxx >>> no wortd on when san francisco's
in eight years. the question will be how will the president of the united states respond to it. >> it seems to continue escalating today. great perspective. thank you very much. >> thanks. >>> people across the country heading home today after spending the thanksgiving holiday away. rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center to tell us if that is going to throw any kinks in their plans. hi, rick. >>> a lucky weekend. a lot to be thankful for. the east coast looking good. the line of storms cutting through the michigan area down throughout the center part of the country. no major rain from this. a light storm. it will be a bigger system at least a little more rain tomorrow as it moves in across the eastern seaboard. if tomorrow is your travel back time you will see some delays probably from boston through the mid atlantic. the bigger story is across parts of the southwest. upper level disturbance around arizona and california bringing cooler weather, some rain and some mountain snow. some of this is going to be significant, especially in towards new mexico, both today and tomorrow the snow
's republic of china, the united states supports the early resumption of dialogue bween the chinese government and representatives of the dalai lama. >> reporter: in a candor that has not always mark ed relation, both presidents admitted they will sometimes disagree. ann compton, abc news with the president in beijing. >>> the army plans to launch its own investigation into whether red flags about major nidal hasan were ignored before the ft. hood shootings. the "wall street journal" reports the probe will look at the six years hasan spent at walter reed medil center. investigators say in the days before the shooting hasan practiced shooting more than 200 rounds at a firing range near ft. hood. >> he seemed like he was new at it. what some of the basic concepts down but hadn't been doing it for a very long time. >> this is the final hurrah for him. he knows he's going to die or he hopes he will do i that day. >> lawmakers in congress plan to investigate signs of missed clues in the case on thursday. >>> in north carolina last night a vigil for a missing child became a vigil mourning her death.
're talking about the security of the united states being at risk here. >> well, there you have it, washington's most infamous couple getting into a white house state dinner without an invitation, and the reaction from the top republican in the house homeland security committee. and we're back now with our panel. dana, as a recent top official in this building, help us understand how it could happen, how someone could get into a state dinner without an invitation and just guess, what would the reaction be in the bush west wing if this had happened? >> i think it would be similar. the u.s. secret service is deeply embarrassed, concerned. it was embarrassing for our president which means it was embarrassing for the american people. i think it's possible that the uniform division, secret service officer, decided to let them through to the next wing. i think what we don't know yet is how they got through that second ring when they had to present identification. when you come to a state dinner, you get a table assignment. you have your name announced as we just saw. those things are prepackaged. we
're not on the list, you shouldn't be able to go in. it's the president of the united states. >> as someone who doesn't know what the hot clubs are, i will press my question with miss p perino. how does anyone think that you'll get in and get away with it? >> i remember situations where you had to clear someone in, a high-level person or someone of some importance and that the computer -- there was a computer glitch and they didn't get through and they're held at the gate and it's really embarrassing and you have to go out there, you have to get the secret service to get them in. i've never heard of this before where they could get through. obviously, those procedures have to change and president obama said there will be an investigation and they'll figure it out. but the broader question as to why people want to do this is just beyond me. who has -- i don't know anybody who has the time to figure out how to pull off such capers. >> well, why they want to do it is because it pays. they want to sell their story. she spent seven hours getting ready for this. her picture is everywhere. they're famous. a
, this is not including all kind of chinese drywall, but this particular brand was imported to the united states between 2005 and 2007. if you can see the back side of it, it will say made in china as well. the main things to look out for are, as you are saying, corroded wires and pipes. homeowners also report add rotten egg smell, sickness as well as failed appliances. now, the coach of the new orleans saints even says most of his house was built with this. >> we had five computer failures. we're on our fourth hard drive right now. we had 13 air conditioning service calls, three different coil foil failures, we're on our third microwave oven panel. had to install a second set of phone lines, a second alarm system. >> so far there have been more than 2,000 complaints in 32 states across the country. d.c. and puerto rico as well. next half hour we'll tell you what to do if you have the defective brand in your home. >>> so you can see a madhouse at the mall friday. some might like that. retailers are expecting black friday shopping to soar this year. melissa long in for jennifer westhoven on this day. bea
united states senators reached out directly to secretary of state hillary clinton in an effort to have her employ diplomatic efforts to get liam released to his father and that apparently had effect. about ten days ago, michael had a private session with the president of the juvenile court in rome and for the first time, the president of the court indicated an understanding of the terrible situation liam was in, said that they would move forward in a process to release liam to his father's custody and even allow michael to employ the experts that he's gotten here in the united states to help with the reunification process. michael left got on-- visited liam. got on an airplane the next day, when he landed in new york he turned on his cell phone and found out that liam had been abducted from his mother. >> we can assume that his mother, reabducted him this time from the courthouse. of course, michael, the father is extremely worried about liam's safety today. is there anything legally that michael can do? >> well, we don't have to assume that his mother has custody. her own lawyer conce
in the united states. of the 4,000 who have die540 were children. a total of 98,000 people have been hospitalized since april a. third of them kids. now, these numbers are a lot higher than previous estimates. the cdc says it's a more accurate representation. keeping an eye on potential mutations of the swine flu is a top priority. they want to be prepared for genetic leaps. >> reporter: as h1n1 influenza races across the continent, a team of researchers in san francisco are tracking its every move and mutation. >> we really want to find out how rapidly is it changing, is it changing at all and ultimately, if so, what implications does that have with regard to vaccine and drug resistance. >> we have tested a lot of viruses. and it hasn't changed genetically and neither has the immune characteristics. >> reporter: influenza has a tendency to mutate and big genetic leaps can be catastrophic. doctor chew and his team are tasked with making sure it never happens again. >> i'm hoping the work we do here will help better manage pandemics. >> reporter: specimens are kept at minus 110 degree
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